Pre 1965 USA silver coins

Circulated pre-1965 US 90% silver coins (commonly referred to as "junk silver coins" because they have little or no collector value), essentially are silver bullion investments because a bag containing $1,000 face value yields around 715 ounces of pure silver.

Many silver investors like to buy their US 90% silver coins in rolls of $10 face value, so you get a roll of 20 silver half dollars, or a roll of 40 silver quarters. Dimes generally come in $5 rolls, so you get 50 silver dimes per roll. 1964 Kennedy halves are a popular choice.

Premiums on 90% silver coins rise and fall depending upon supply and demand but generally speaking you should be able to buy pre 1965 90% silver at around the silver price, in our opinion this represents a great way to invest in a real tangible asset.

Junk silver

Junk silver is an informal term used in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia for any silver coin which is in fair or poor condition and has no numismatic or collectible value above the bullion value of the silver it contains. Such coins are popular among people seeking to invest in silver, particularly in small amounts. The word "junk" refers only to the value of the coins as collectibles and not to the actual condition of the coins; junk silver is not necessarily scrap silver.

Precious metals including silver are measured in troy ounces. A spot price for silver is the price for a troy ounce of silver which is 99.9-percent pure, or 999 fine. Silver coins including junk-silver coins have set silver-alloy contents ranging from 35-percent to 90-percent or more. The term "coin silver," for example, refers to 90-percent silver alloy which was the most common alloy used to mint silver U.S. coins.

Silver content

Any combination of 90-percent silver U.S. coins which have a face value of US$1.00 contains 0.715 troy ounces of 99.9-percent silver[2] (0.7234 troy ounces if uncirculated), except for the silver dollars (Morgan and Peace) which contain .7736 troy ounces of silver. In other words, a full troy ounce of 99.9-percent silver is contained in any combination of 90-percent silver U.S. coins which have a face value of US$1.40.

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