Tips for buying on eBay!

Here are 7 tips that you may find helpful for a successful buying experience on eBay:

1. Read the listing thoroughly - every single word.

2. Make a note of when the listing ends (especially if it is an auction listing). If you are very interested in the item but are not ready to purchase or bid on it at the moment, click on the "watch this item" link and then you can keep an eye on it from the "My Ebay" page.

3. Do you have any questions about the item? Look at the upper right area of the listing page under where it says "Meet the seller" and click on the link that says "Ask seller a question". It's always a good idea to email a seller that you haven't bought from before to ask them a question. This helps to give you an idea of their customer service.

4. IMPORTANT: Find out what the shipping method and cost is before you bid or buy! If it isn't stated in the listing, ask the seller, as explained in Tip #3.

5. Look at the sellers feedback rating, again in the area below "Meet the seller". If a seller has less than 100% feedback, always read their feedback comments to find out why they received negative comments. Often, they are from customers that just didn't understand the eBay process and so left a negative before working things out with the seller. Also read the positive comments, if there are a lot of good comments, then you would probably feel more comfortable buying from that seller.

6. Check and see what types of payment a seller accepts and how long you have to pay. This will come in handy when you find an item that you'd like to buy. Make sure you pay the seller within their time specified on the listing.

7. Buy It Now or Place Your Bid! If you are purchasing a "Buy It Now" item, click on the Buy It Now button follow the instructions to pay. If you are sending payment by post, use check-out to let the seller know. You may also use check-out to request an invoice from the seller. If you're bidding on an auction, a avoid a bidding war and getting caught up in the heat of the moment decide the maximum amount you want to pay and stay with that figure. Make sure you consider the shipping costs when deciding your bidding amount.

eBay can be a very rewarding experience! Using these tips will help you in purchasing that hard to find or bargain price item that can be found on eBay.

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