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The purpose of this site is to acquaint you with various aspects of buying and selling of coins, and to make you a smarter buyer. In addition, their are articles on coin grading, bidding and selling at auction, and collecting for enjoyment.

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It is important to understand what motivates the collector and what motivates the investor. In general the collector is confident, knows what he or she wants, and enjoys forming a meaningful collection over a long period of time. To become a collector (or investor) you have to make an investment in the time needed to study the subject. Our website is a good resource for both collectors and investors.

The world of numismatics is vast and offers good investment potential, you will find on our site information on gold bullion coins, silver bullion coins, american gold eagles, silver eagles, gold maples, silver maples, gold sovereigns, US silver coinage, morgan dollars, peace dollars, British coins, english silver coinage, collectable and rare coins, krugerrands, tips on how to buy and sell collectables on eBay and much more.

Collecting coins was once called the hobby of kings, because it was only the wealthy who could afford to engage in coin collecting. These days, everyone can take part in this fascinating hobby no matter what their budget. A coin is not just a piece of metal, there are so many more elements to consider; design, historic period when struck, monarch/country’s leader, mint mark, metallic composition and the condition of the coin. From collecting coins from a particular country, to specialising in coins by denomination or coins from a particular historic era, to modern commemorative issues; collecting coins is an interesting hobby that will soon become a passion.

If you are looking for information about collecting coins, you have come to the right place.

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